Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I just ordered every single sheet of Dream Street Papers!

I did it! I ordered every single sheet of Dream Street Papers! I couldn't find anyone online who had every collection so I emailed Dream Street Papers last night and I got an email from them this morning telling me of a store who had it all. Isn't that awesome they emailed me right back! I called the scrapbook store and it is on it's way! All 125 sheets of it! Yepper no more spending for me this month, well except for my monthly Close to My Heart order, I already have that budgeted out. I ordered the paper from a store in Hixson TN called Scrapbook Heaven and what a very nice store to work with, super nice. They took my order and will mail it today.
So for all of you who have challenged me to not scrapbook for others ( sbfo ) and start scrapbooking for me, I'm doing it. Every single sheet of this paper will be used for my own scrapbooks, not eBay or anything else. I am so excited, can you tell!
Ok, gotta go, I am entering another layout contest and have to go make my layout! Maybe one of these days I will get up enought nerve to actually enter something to be published...nah, need a little more self confidence to do that!


Anonymous said...

now you've gone and done it!! No more excuses...we've GOT to get together and resume our scrapping!! It's the only way I'll get the reunion pics done...cber

scrapbooking for others said...

I can clean off a spot on the old scrapping table lickity split! Let me know when you want to come over!

scrapbooking for others said...
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