Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This 2 page 12x12 pre-made scrapbook layout was made using Doodlebug patterned paper and Close to My Heart cardstock and ribbon. The bears are made using Bazzill handmade paper, which unfortunately Bazzill has discontinued his paper. The train started as a Sizzix die cut that I just spiffed up a little bit by layering cardstock to make it look more real.
oooh, and see the sparkle on the big firecracker? That is one of my most favoritest ;-) products ever, Stickles glitter. www.rangerink.com Stickles really works and doesn't fall of the page all over the rest of your scrapbook. I have tried probably every glitter on the market that claims to be "the best" but in my opinion Stickles is the best. It stays where you put it. It is glitter in a liquid fast drying form. No flaking off. Just my plug for Stickles. I think I shall buy all the colors. I wish my LSS sold it as a set, all 30 colors at a discount if you buy the set. I don't think they even carry all 30 colors, huhm...maybe I should just ask. Or maybe not all customers would want all 30 colors, DUH!!! Cool beans, I just got the greatest idea and yepper, my darling hubby says yes he loves me and yes he will make my really cool, neato idea that I just got. Gotta go feed my brain....

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