Thursday, November 29, 2007

GREAT shopping day!!

I work from home so I am on the computer off and on all day. One of my favorite places to visit online is There are very nice ladies on the message board and lots of fun ideas. They are having a contest where they give away a gift certificate to their Superstore every day. And yesterday I won a $20 gift certificate! I have won several things in the past from there. So I went shopping and purchased Autumn Leaves Designing With Calendar 2008, Carolee's new Holiday idea book and some acetate sheets that we used in my Heidi Swapp class. Then a few hours later I got an email from saying that one of the items on my wish list had come in! And guess what it is....the PINK Pull-EZ ribbon organizer bag! Ok, so I am a dork and will buy anything pink, always have and probably always will. On one of my latest shopping sprees at Whimsodoodle in St.Pete, I bought a pink Doodlebug X-acto knife and matching adorable pink cutting mat, the cutest pink and black ribbon that I have ever seen, pink Heidi Swapp ghost letters for the acrylic album that I am doing that my sweet, adorable dh made for me from a sheet of plexiglass that he bought at Home Depot (I tried to buy an acrylic album but everywhere was sold out, so one of the stores told us that when they did their class, they actually made their albums too) oh and Heidi Swapp pink chipboard frames also to be used on my acrylic album and 6 of the cutest pink wooden buttons I have ever seen.

Now if only Fiskars will come out with a cutting tool in pink that is exactly like the one I have only works better, cuts straighter...hey I don't ask for much, atleast I still want to give Fiskars a chance to come out with one that works better than the one I have. It is for sure the easiest to use at crops, etc. I use my Purple Cow guillotine cutter at home and really like it but can't take it with me, tooo big.

uhm....better go get to work, I have to make my car payment by the first so wish me luck. My debit card is put away so I can't shop anymore for a while....or until I get the next email telling me my wish list is now in stock....

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