Sunday, February 03, 2008

Scrapbook Altered Home Decor Heidi Swapp Clock

Can you tell I am taking a break from scrapbooking for others and scrapping for myself this weekend! I have eight layouts that need to be made for two customers but they don't mind waiting a day or two. I'll probably talk them all into making an altered Heidi Swapp clock before the weekend is over.
This altered Heidi Swapp Clock was wayyyy too much fun to make. I used the Creative Escape 2006 book for inspiration to make mine. My lss had a class on this last year, their version of the altered clock was beautiful, but I didn't take it because I wanted the freedom to use my own colors and embellishments and I am so glad I waited.
I'll try and give instructions as best as I can. The clock had to be completly taken apart to start with, the clock comes with instructions on how to do this. Then I spray painted a black Heidi Swapp clock with pink Krylon interior/exterior spray paint, any color to match your home decor would work. The HS pink clocks are now available but I purchased this clock before pink was available.
I removed the plastic overlay with the clock numbers on it from inside the clock and used that as a template to cut my Close to My Heart patterned paper that I used as the background for my altered clock. Cut just inside your pencil line for a perfect fit. I adhered the patterned paper with one of my two favorite scrapbooking adhesives, Herma dotto removable adhesive, apply the adhesive to the paper and then press gently into the clock, worked like a charm.
The photo was cropped to fit just above the clock hands. I zoomed in and cropped just us out of the original photo, then enlarged our heads to fit a 4x6 photo and printed on my daughters home printer. I am very impressed with myself! This is my most cherished photo of my teen years. It is me and my hubby sitting beside each other at a birthday party in 1971, I was in middle school and he was the older man in high school...what a scandal. LOL! We didn't marry until years later. Ok, back to the clock...
The photo is mounted on a matching blue cardstock mat with pink Heidi Swapp chipboard photo corners on two edges. I added the three clear bling gems to one of them. This was attached to the patterned paper background using the same adhesive Herma-dotto removable.
Using a silver Krylon leafing pen I carefully colored just the edge of the pink Heidi Swapp upper case rhyme ghost letters, the pink HS XL ghost clock and the pink Heidi Swapp heart ghost shapes. I also used the leafing pen to color the second hand silver. While those peices were drying I used Making Memories Simply Stated rub on numbers 1971 and assembled the pink metallic Heidi Swapp chipboard label holder adding a couple of clear blings using my second most favorite liquid adhesive, Scrappy Glue by Magic Scraps, and attached the label holder to the clock with Glue Dots, my third favorite scrapbooking adhesive. Ok, speaking of favorite adhesives, my fourth favorite adhesive is the Xyron 150 (which is on sale this week at Michael's 30% off) and I use Perfect Paper for adhering paper to wood.
After the silver leafing was dry, I attached all of the Heidi Swapp ghost embellishments with Glue Dots, even the clear XL ghost clock. I can't see the adhesive throught the items at all. Than I adhered the Heidi Swapp pink bling heart over the ghost clock, it is self adhesive. The cute little pink bow was adhered with a Glue Dot. Then I reassembled the clock all by myself, no help from hubby (it was 5AM and he was sleeping like I should have been) and put the battery in and it worked!!
Now to figure out where to hang it in my scrapbook room...huhm...which wall will it look best on?


ScrapyTiff said...

OMG!!! That is so beautiful I am going to cry! I am so proud of you for doing this! Keep up all the great scrapping for yourself! i love you!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning!!! Of course its all in PINK!!! Way to go girl...Keep giving yourself a chance to scrap for yourself, it keeps the creative juices flowing...Cber