Friday, February 01, 2008

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I usually try to keep my blogging only related to scrapbooking but decided to share this nonscrapbooking related tidbit since the message boards aren't very stimulating to my creativity today. Yes, I am excited about all the sneak peaks of all the new scrapbook product releases but really, does it do me any good? I am still waiting for products that were released in the summer...good grief, don't get me started on that subject!!

So anway, the other day I received an email that listed all sorts of "things to know". It was quite entertaining as I read through this long list and thought, I didn't know that, or no kidding that works and you've got to be joking. But there were some things on the list that I had actually done before though so I had a tendency to believe all of the "to knows". So when I got in the shower today and started to shave my legs (yes, I really do shave my legs occassionally!) one of the "to knows" popped into my head. I don't know how I have lived as long as I have and had never heard this LOL! But it said to use Cream Rinse instead of shaving cream to shave with, it would make your skin silky soft and was great for shaving your legs. So I tried it and it actually worked pretty good. My legs don't really feel any softer but maybe it works better the more often you do it. My only advice though is be very careful cause the shower gets slippery.

I really think I need to stick to scrapbooking....

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