Thursday, May 01, 2008

Scrapbooking on QVC Friday May 2

I can't wait another hour until scrapbooking on QVC starts !! I have to laugh, I was reading on another blog that she was TiVoing first I thought what is the point to watch it after it is over, isn't the point to buy, buy, buy while QVC has scrapbooking on. So I too am going to TiVo it, just what I need to do is watch hours and hours of QVC after everything is sold out! LOL! DH will love that. I am still trying to convince him that I need the Accucut GrandMARK machine and it is free if I spend $1500 on dies...he looks at me with one of those glazed stares that he gives me regularly. Poor guy knows that I do whatever I want but it makes me feel better if I convince him it is a good thing to do before I do it. LOL!

DD#2 is scrapbooking !! Holy Cow I can't believe it. She starts her new job tomorrow and I think she is a little nervous and this is keeping her calm. I have always said scrapbooking is better than therapy and cheaper. I might have to make some room for her in my scrapbooking room...that would be a nice mom. LOL! She is making the album covers with plexiglass, DH is going to cut it for her big enough to use 12x12 Close to My Heart pages in it, so she can use the 6 and 4 pocket pages along with the 12x12 pages for layouts. I am so happy she is scrapping again.

Gotta go watch Sex and the City and wait for QVC....

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