Thursday, June 12, 2008

Interesting article

Every time I receive my Craftrends and Scrapbook Retailer mailings, I devour the pages and just soak in all the positive energy they have to offer. I can't imagine being in a scrapbook business and not using atleast a few of their suggestions. They have such a contagious, fresh approach. I feel that they are just one of many tools that one can use to help your scrapbook business. I have learned so much from their writers and have put many of their suggestions to work for me already.

I read a very interesting article in Craftrends magazine this month, "Don't Panic", written by Karen Bremer. She states "Times of change are times of opportunity. Are you going to duck and cover or strengthen your fortress?"

Just about everywhere one turns today there is talk of high gas prices, poor economy, scrapbook stores closing and almost a gloom and doom approach to life. It was so uplifting for me to read this article and see a positive perspective on what scrapbook retailers can do to help themselves get through our current economic times. Then I thought about the scrapbook stores (both on line and brick and mortar) that are really prospering during these tough times. They are already doing what this writter suggests and is the reason I keep buying from them!

The writer's solution is this: "...infuse your assortment with new merchandise to reinvigorate sales." I love what she says, " can't sell from an empty wagon." Oh so true! I know that I buy from stores where I know I can purchase the latest and greatest, price is way low on my list of priorities but I do love sales on high dollar items (greater than $100). I have bought from the same online stores now for more than 5 years. Each one has it's niche and fills my needs and wants. I know where to always get my Quickutz, where I can get the latest released Sizzix that isn't even on their own website yet, and yes we all know about my Dream Street Paper fetish....I think CHA is coming up in July, I wonder how many new lines they will release?

And another article that caught my eye was written by Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender, "Don't Play the Recession Game." I just love what they wrote: "You can't give up in recessionary times; you need a positiive can-do attitude" and " look for opportunity instead of failure."

To go with that statement and thought, I like what my moma tells me, "surround yourself with positive people." I know first hand how much of an impact that can make on one's success or failure.

Kizer and Bender also say, "making the customers' experience better, by using events and promotions, new ideas..." I love that, I want to shop there! INSPIRE ME !! And "when everyone is talking about what's wrong, go in the opposite direction...look for opportunity, not disasters." And they ended the article by stating, "Believe in yourself and your ability to keep your business healthy. Turbulent times call for leaders not followers." I think they pretty much have said it all.

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