Sunday, June 29, 2008

Traveling and Wonder Where Scrapbook Stores Are?

I came across a really cool blog today for traveling scrapbookers looking for a scrapbook store in the area they will be traveling to!

I have been one of those travelers looking for a scrapbook store in an unfamiliar area. I love going to new scrapbook stores and finding amazing, inspiration within their walls. It seems I will always find something that is just too cool and I have to have it. Some people buy souvenirs from their travels, well I buy scrapbook supplies. I have always wished that stores would make up a page kit about their store so travelers/scrappers like myself could snap a photo outside/inside the store and then I could put the page kit together in my motel. It would be a fun about me and my travels scrapbook. If I had the page kit, it would get done, but by the time my travels are over and I unpack and get back into the hum-drum of daily life, those pages just don't get done about myself.

Good Luck Molly on your blog.

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