Sunday, March 08, 2009

Handmade Paper for Tear Bears

My scrapping buddies called me yesterday to tell me that they found a store with handmade paper for making tear bears! Pretty exciting news for me as my stash of Bazzill handmade paper that I currently use for making bears is getting pretty low and Bazzill quit selling it in 2005. The store is called Scrapbook Fanatics, 8127 State Road 52, Hudson, FL 727-819-9300. The store doesn't have a website or blog yet but hopefully others looking for handmade paper to make tear bears may see this information on my blog and go there. I haven't seen the paper yet...hopefully it is similar enough to the Bazzill to make the bears. I am so picky about the handmade paper that I use for bears. I check it with my pH to make sure it is acid free and it has to be soft enough for the bears to be fluffy, not too thick and not too thin. So I can't wait to use some of the new paper.

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