Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quickutz Epic 6

What will Quickutz think of next...wish they had thought of this first, it would have saved us all a ton of money on the Blue tool, the Pink Squeeze, the Revolution then the 12 inch plate to add to it...I wonder what this will cost!

I am talking about the Quickutz Epic 6. You can see a prototype photo of it on Scrapyland's blog.

EDITED: Scrapyland has a great pre-order price and includes a rebate form for a free 6x6 die from Quickutz.

CLICK HERE to be directed to Scrapylands website.

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Anonymous said...

Your right I wish we could have thought of this 8 years ago when there was no such thing as a die cut machine smaller than a toaster. Technology changes and ideas get better. Just like cars change and get better over the years so does everything else. Think were we would be if progression stopped with the first version of something. Tires, phones, TV just to name a few. I hope this helps understand why we are alsways trying to give the customer something better.