Saturday, April 10, 2010

Organized Scrap Paper Drawer

I organized my scrap paper drawer just for the girls coming to our scrap retreat. It should be called organized chaos though. LOL !! Last year at retreat the girls were awesome about using the scraps and I love it! The more they use, the less I feel the need to store or make cards from. The only cardstock I buy any more is Close To My Heart, I can get it in packs of 25 so I always have plenty on hand for my scrapbooking for others. I use a Creative Memories consultant rolling cart that I bought on Ebay years ago to store the cardstock so the paper is protected from light. My scrapbook room is very bright plus I have 2 long flouresent lights so paper fading used to be an issue before the cart. The cart stores all 60+ colors of CTMH cardstock. I have labeled dividers, yes dd#1 did that for me years ago with her snazzy label maker.
So all of the CTMH scrap is in one bag, and since I have so much black and white from making heritage pages, it is in one bag. There is one bag of patterned paper, I don't really have much of that, I usually use the entire sheet on the layout or for borders I make for a lady I scrapbook for. And there is a bag with a very small amount of Bazzill and other random cardstock which I hope they completely use up this year. Also a bag of DCWV cardstock, which I no longer buy either.
So now the bags can be pulled from the drawer and taken back to the tables instead of going back and forth to the drawer. Hopefully, it will be a time saver for them. They bring alot of scrapping to do and anything that saves them time will mean more layouts to go home with.

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