Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Layout Stacker Things

I have been sitting here trying to remember what I call these things...and I realize I refer to them as "cardboard stacker thingys".   When I asked my DH he laughed and said they are "stacky things".  So in this post, for lack of a better title,  I will refer to them as " Layout Stacker Things" "LST" for short.

I started using LST years ago, before the days of my Dream Scrapbook Room.  Yes, once upon a time I scrapbooked at my dining room table out of a rolling cart and loved it.  As I started scrapbooking for others and making multiple layouts I needed a way to put the pages together and add embellishments to them or make changes without wasting time.  This is what I came up with.

I cut cardboard into 13"x26" pieces, big enough to lay a two page layout on.  It worked great, I could make the layouts, stack them up and finish them as I had time.  I repurposed my daughter's computer desk into my paper sewing desk, so the keyboard drawer was the perfect size to stack the layouts waiting to be machine stitched. 

My first LST were plain thick cardboard cut from a big box.  The next time I made LST, I covered them with white vinyl so they can be easily wiped off if I get ink or adhesive on them.

EDITED:  my brilliant daughter said they are "Planning Boards".

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