Monday, May 12, 2014

Scrapbook Room Craft Studio Sewing Quilting Table

It all started with needing new carpet... I remember telling hubby that I just wanted some cheap carpet, it didn't matter what color, just cheap and clean.  After pulling up the old carpet, I quickly realized the ceiling and walls needed a fresh coat of paint.  And while I was at it, I may as well freshen up my cabinets and add a quilting /sewing table (even though I have a sewing area in my laundry room) and let's not forget some new storage cabinets!  So it began...

I decided to repaint the walls white since my cabinets were going to be pink. My sweet hubby and even sweeter daughter painted the ceiling, trim and walls for me.  Then I decided to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on my oak cabinets.  Do you know how hard it was for me to actually paint wood!!  It took weeks, well maybe a couple of days, agonizing over whether I should paint my beautiful honey oak cabinets that hubby worked so hard to stain and wax for me seven years ago.  But oh baby, let me tell you, I am beyond happy that I painted them with chalk paint and even more happy that I went with pink. 

Little did I know that cheap 90 cents a square foot, discontinued, pink indoor/outdoor carpet would turn into all this. Finally six months later, I am moving back into my awesome creative space!  It has been so much work but well worth it! I will post more photos as I move back in and get things finished.

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