Monday, May 12, 2014

Craft Room Makeover Sewing Quilting Table

This is the first craft room makeover reveal from my newly decorated scrapbooking / crafting / sewing room.  In the past, I only scrapbooked in this room because I have a sewing area in my laundry room.  But since I like the light and the space in this room, I decided to add a sewing table that is big enough to handle quilting, cutting and a small pressing board, plus roomy enough underneath to hide three pink plastic storage bins.

My sewing table is 36 inches deep, 80 inches long and 30 inches tall.  There is a 15" wide cabinet on the right of the table and a 36" wide cabinet on the left end of the table.  I added a rectangle shape leg made from 2x4's that I put behind the small cabinet to support the width of the table top.  The fabric is covering the area of the leg.  The oak cabinets are unfinished stock wall cabinets from Lowe's and are only 12 inches deep.  I painted the cabinets with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and waxed them.  I love the color, pink is very calming to me.  The color was made using 1 cup Old White chalk paint with 10 ml Emperor's Silk.  It is a perfect pink, not too purple and not too orange, just a pretty shade of pink.

I used a hollow core door from Lowe's for the table top but I do not recommend using hollow core doors.  The door is too flimsy to handle the vibration from my sewing machine, it bounces all around while I am sewing.  I now have a 1"x12" piece of pine shelving under my machine which helps a little but I do plan to change the counter top in the near future.

I used hollow core doors throughout my room for counter tops and now I wish I hadn't.  Although the sizes were perfect, they are not sturdy enough for me. I got the idea to use the doors from Pinterest of course, but obviously that person never tried to use a sewing machine on top of those doors. 

My old counter/table tops were made from plywood topped with laminate flooring.  They were sturdy and so much more practical.  I didn't worry about scratching or staining them.  I will be going back to that idea just as soon as I pick out laminate flooring!  As you can see, I didn't finish the edges of the door since I am going to be changing them out soon. 

I made the pressing board from plywood covered with a towel and placed inside a pillow case that I made with my pretty vintage fabric.  It is just the right size to press quilt pieces and it is lightweight and movable.  The fabric is from 1990 and I love it!  I bought the entire 25 yard bolt back then and made curtains for my family room, I am using what was left over.  I saved it all those years hoping to use it for a special project and I think it is perfect for my room remodel.


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