Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Sweet Pea Baby Boy and Baby Girl Tear Bear Embellishments

These sweet scrapbook page embellishments are for sale in my ETSY shop.   

Monday, May 19, 2014

Organizing Craft Scrapbook Room Makeover

Lots of organizing ideas for Craft Scrapbook Sewing Room Makeover looking inside the cabinets.  I love having all of my scrapbook and craft goodies this organized.  I feel much more creative in a clean, organized room. 


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Scrapbook Room Craft Sewing Studio Makeover Reveal Continues

My scrapbook room / craft / sewing studio reveal continues.  I have everything moved in and decided to go ahead and take more photos. The timing was perfect because right after I took these photos today, I received a custom order from my ETSY shop and lets just say, my desk is not so clean right now.  I have had several crafting spaces but this is for sure the most creative space I have ever had.  I am very thankful! 




Thursday, May 15, 2014

Scrapbook Room Makeover Accucut Die Storage

My scrapbook room makeover included a few new storage shelves for my AccuCut Craft dies and a larger space for them.  When I first purchased my GrandeMark machine  years ago, I never realized how many dies I would end up purchasing.  Although AccuCut Craft has some very nice storage units, I wanted something custom fit for under my thirty inch counter space.  I drew the plans and my husband made the shelves for me.  The smaller shelves have slides on the bottom and easily pull in and out from under the counter.  The larger dies are too heavy for me to slide in and out from under the counter, so I decided to just have shelves along the back wall of my room. 

My next scrapbook room makeover (when I need new carpet again in about 7 years LOL) will include custom cabinets with doors across the entire back wall so my dies will be hidden but still easy to access.  I almost had them made this time but I am pretty sure we will be moving into a new house before I need new carpet again.  And my house will be built around my scrapbook room LOL!!

I also made a dust cover for my GrandeMark die cutting machine using my fabric from 1990.  And I die cut a few letters from all of my alphabets and hung them on the handles so I can find them a little quicker. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Scrapbook Room Makeover

When I started my scrapbook room makeover, I knew I wanted to keep my Cropper Hopper storage items but wanted them moved off the counters out of sight.  I really like organizing with Cropper Hopper products.  One of the first storage items I purchased years ago was a Cropper Hopper embellishment box /organizer.  I liked it so much that I added a few more in various sizes.  I even use Cropper Hopper photo storage boxes for my Close to My Heart stamp pads and ribbon spools.