Monday, February 26, 2007

Flip Frame in 9x9

DH did an awesome job of making the 6x6 flip frames. Yesterday, we designed a 9x9 flip frame for all of you who wanted to use the 9x9 Close To My Heart refill pages and my DD. I jokingly asked about a 12x12 and I got one of those looks that he gives me when I am pushing my limits with him, those who know me and him know that look I get! LOL! So maybe I will revisit that idea much later on when all the other projects I have planned are completed.

I made tear bears yesterday and worked on a couple of layouts that I am doing for my private scrapbooking for others clients. I am happy for my private clients because eBay has been sooo slow lately, not making any money at all there! But of course, that is how it always is, sometimes the layouts sell for over $100 an sometimes I can't give them away. LOL! I just go with the flow.

I would love to hear from anyone that is reading this blog. If you have a blog let me know, I love reading them!


Anonymous said...

you go girl!!! but don't push your other half too hard!!! When are you gonna do something for your own self? I'm hoping to get started again in mid-March, should be caught up with myself by then I hope. cber

ScrapyTiff said...

Don't push him too hard, we don't want to break him yet! Its only February!!!

scrapbooking for others said...

I hear you! He is out in the garage working is butt off right now. He is loving it. I talked him into making extra magazine boxes for the ladies that were in the class.