Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I have missed blogging.

I think the thing I have missed the most in the past month has been blogging! I love reading blogs, I love writing in my blog, it makes me feel connected even from my living room. Mom is getting better everyday, thanks to all the wonderful care she has had. I told her the next time I come stay with her for an extended period of time, I am going to have internet installed and get a lap top. I am truely addicted to the internet. And I was amazed at how many times I wanted to look something up like a medication or procedure or diagnosis and had no way to accomplish it! It was frustrating.
Ebay has been going great, thank goodness for all my loyal buyers I can stay in business even when I am not home. The Easter layouts are always one of my favorites to make, I love the little bunnies and chicks. And I found an online store that had lots of Bazzill handmade paper so it looks like I will be tear bear business for a while longer. Thank goodness cause they are really good sellers and fun to make.
Well, gotta go for now, take care.


Anonymous said...

Love the Easter pages, of course, I love all of your work...so pretty and so well coordinated...its great to have you back...cber

Anonymous said...

Great to have ya back....