Monday, April 16, 2007

I opened an ETSY store!

This has been a fun weekend! I am still coughing my head off til I pee my pants, I made $150 making 3 layouts and I learned about ETSY. What a great place to buy and sell handmade craft and artsy-fartsy items. My store is of course just simply short and sweet. I only have one altered item in it for now, but hope to put more of the altered things that I like to do in it soon. I want to alter a rolodex like the ones from the class I taught and see if there is a market for them there. I have fun making them and they are really cute so hopefully they will sell well. The fees on ebay are so high anymore that it makes it hard to sell items that are reasonably priced, I have to jack up the prices to cover all the fees or I don't make much profit at all on the less expensive items.
I have this map thingy hooked up to my blog that shows the name of the town from where someone looks at my blog. It is really fun to see where the hits are coming from. I have had several from Australia, Africa and Japan. But yesterday I had a hit from Or Yehuda, Israel. I thought that was pretty cool. I wondered if it was a scrapbooker or just a random hit. I have lots of hits from Bradenton, but no one but cherbear leaves me any dern girls quit lurking out there and send me a message! You can leave an anonymous message, I don't care, just talk to me! LOL!
I have new shelves....dh made them to fit behind the door and store all my Close to My Heart stamps boxes...I only have 6 boxes full now! I really must quit buying CTMH wonder I am broke all the time, I think I could call that one of my addictions. I also have these cute little pink storage boxes that fit perfectly on the shelves that store all my embellishments and extra adhesive ( I keep about 50+ boxes of Hermafix refills on hand and about 12 Xyron refills on hand ). I will try and post a photo when I get them installed.
Gotta go to bed now...

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