Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mother's Day Tear Bear Layout Premade Scrapbook Pages

Aren't those just the cutest torn / tear bears around! I love the tiny baby one. I am working on pink tear bears and another layout with pink theme paper instead of the blue, that I will be listing on ebay tonight.

The Pioneer Woman's lasagna was delicious last night! I was a little shocked though at how much it cost to make...$29. I guess it has been a while since I actually looked at a grocery bill. No wonder I am on such a tight budget and dh has a cow everytime I spend any money. Kinda like he did yesterday, he came home at lunch time and caught me bidding on ebay. If he had been 2 minutes later I wouldn't have got caught. LOL! But, ohhhh, I just couldn't resist this auction. It was of course, another Quickutz alphabet, the newest limited edition one too and all for only $85 which included shipping and insurance to ship. I think I am just addicted to the high of winning an auction. It is so much fun to just sit and wait til the last minute then put in my highest bid like everyone else does and then just wait and see how it turns out, I won it for less than my highest bid cause no one bid against me! Woo Pee!

Will go for now... sbfo ( scrapbooking for others ) gotta get these plugs in (keywords) so I show up on google searches. LOL!!

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