Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Pioneer Woman

Have I told you all about the website I came across the other day? I have spent hours reading her blog and she is absolutley hilarious. She calls her husband The Marlboro Man...does that get your attention yet? She has cooking lessons on her blog and I have to laugh, cause everyone knows that I don't cook anymore. But...I have a husband that will try just about any recipe that I come up with. He hates to do the planning and figuring out what to cook and I hate going grocery shopping and cooking so we are a pretty good team when it comes to if you can't see that by our appearance. LOL! So yesterday "we" made Marlboro Man's favorite sandwich and holy cow, was it ever good!! I mean, you could start a restaurant called Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich Shop and sell these babies all day long. So tonight "we" are making lasagna. It looks delicious and smells yummy so far. She has photos of all her recipes, step by step. I only wish she had more recipes on her site. Somehow I came across this site while googling for Recipe Flip Frames, a class that my dh taught last month at her house. DD made the 9x9 flip frames and just made 11 more for her. I think you can say they have been a real hit.

Will write more later, I am making Mother's Day tear bear layouts, just too dang cute is all I can say. Later.... sbfo

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