Thursday, May 31, 2007

Didn't get any work done today...

It has just been one of those days, LONG phone calls with several different people and then a visitor and then ebay auctions were ending, invoices to be sent, packages to mail out, so I didn't get any work done today. One of the pitfalls of working from home. But, one of the benefits is, it is only midnight, the night is young yet! I did make some of the embellishments for two birthday pages this evening while I was on the phone with my granddaughter. I think I have birthday candle paper piecing down to a science. They are so cute, I even have white string coming from the end of the candle to the flame, looks way too real, they just need a little soot LOL! I have way too much fun doing this.
I did google birds chirping at night and find that I am not crazy, my backyard is not possessed and I am not the only one who has experienced this. It is amazing what one can find on the internet, from moma birds pushing their babies out of the nest, to it's witches talking in the my backyard, it could be either! LOL! Oh, no, wait...I am in the house...just kidding. I only feel like one, I'm not one.
I have been having lots and lots of hits on my blog from Tampa, who from Tampa is reading my blog? I had 15 hits on here today! I can't possibly be that interesting, probably just linking through to other blogs maybe. Check in, you can comment anonymously and let me know who you are.
Gotta go get to work now...

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