Thursday, May 17, 2007

I am so EXCITED !!

Scrapbooks, etc. contacted me that they might use a scrapbook tip that I submitted to them in a digest magazine for busy scrappers! Wouldn't that just beee so very cool! I think I could be considered a busy scrapper! I am currently working on 7 layouts, handmade cards, my first ATC and ACEO. I really need to get to a stopping point though cause guess what....

I have to clean off my current "scrapbook table which is actually the pool table with the ping pong cover on it" because we are moving the pool table into the family room so I can have the entire addition just for scrapbooking! Ok, I hear ya'll snickering, yes, the pool table will be the first thing you see when you walk in the front door but do you think I really care...ah...I don't think so, I'm not trying to impress anyone, I am wayyyy too over it! We don't use that room for anything except walking through it to get to the rest of the house. And just think...when ya'll come over to scrapbook now, not only can we use my 4'x10' table, but we can spread out into the family room on the pool table. Oh isn't dh going to love me now, I bet he hasn't even thought about that. I currently have layouts on the ottoman, tear bears on the table by my tv chair, Quickutz on the dining room table, new paper on the kitchen bar and my scrapbook room doesn't have a surface that doesn't have paper on it. Fun, fun, fun!!

Ok, gotta go now, I really must soon

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Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to resume scrapping...let me know when you are ready for company!!! Gotta go make banana bread for the office beach party tomorrow! cber