Thursday, May 31, 2007

Scrapbook Layouts One Page vs. Two Pages

I look through scrapbook magazines for inspiration and have great difficulty ever seeing a layout that I could scraplift. I have decided that the one page layouts in magazines are the easiest kind to make. I have made a few of these for my own scrapbooks with the kids school photos. One 5"x7" photo, store bought embellishments and poof they are done. I wonder how many of them I could sell on ebay, LOL! I want a magazine that has layouts that are done on a Friday night at my LSS. The layouts with 6 or so photos on them, two pages that are balanced and look great next to each other and with hand made embellishments. And I want to see layouts in magazines that are done by scrappers who don't make layouts to be published. Ya know, regular ole' scrappers. Just walk in to a scrapbook store, unannounced, and put together a magazine! Now that could be a real challenge and probably a very interesting magazine and probably loads of awesome ideas to scraplift. LOL!
I am not sure how I got started on this tonight, probably cause I am tired of making the same ole 20 or so layout designs and looked through my new magazines and couldn't come up with one single idea out of three magazines that I could use on an ebay layout! So I looked through my layouts from 2003 and am using one of those designs. My dh always asks me how many ways can you possibly cut a 12x12 piece of paper and put it back together....I am working on that now. LOL!
I also think paper designers also cater to the one page layout with one photo. Just exactly how the heck are you supposed to use some of the new paper coming out...I just looked at the new Karen Foster July 4th paper, individually the paper is really nice, but none of it matches...I am so confused what do you do with it? I think I need to start stamping my own background and patterned paper like dd#1 does with Close to My Heart stamps. Then atleast the colors would match and I could make the paper to go with the layout designs I come up with. Huhm...that is a thought, maybe I will do that for the July 4th layouts on ebay...
It is 3 am and I really wish I could sleep at night and be awake during the day, or better yet, I wish the rest of the house and world had my internal clock and were up with me. When I graduated from nursing school years ago, my first job was 7pm to 7am on a very busy oncology unit so I blame the fact that I stay up all night on the fact that I worked nights for so many years, but in reality, I took the night shift because I knew that I was disfunctional til noon and would never make it to the hospital 3 minutes from my house at 7am. I was doing pretty good for a while when I was helping take care of mom but now I am right back to my old self. Oh well...until I am forced to join the daylight workforce, I am just going to keep doing whatever floats my boat. One really, really unbelievable funny thing, I have birds who stay awake all night with me and sleep during the day. It is hilarious, the first time I heard them at 2 am, I thought something was wrong so I went outside to make sure a cat wasn't eating them or something and nothing was out there. Then the next night I heard them and now I hear them every night. They live in the huge Seagrape tree behind the pool, it is all overgrown and we have it where the dogs can't get back there anymore so the critters and birds have a nice safe haven. So while I am working at night, I can listen to birds chirping. Maybe I really should google birds chirping at night and see what the heck I can come up with. LOL
Ok, I think the caffeine in my coke just kicked in....gotta go work.


Anonymous said...

boy when you blog you blog!!! I have done several of my own design sheets when nothing else really rows my boat...lots of work but then its one of a kind and when you look back at it...the page(s) is/are something the summer bear but he really needs an umbrella (like I did at Marco) cber

scrapbooking for others said...

I actually thought about an umbrella for the bear, I do have plans for one with an umbrella sitting on the beach if I ever get it done! ahhhh, Marco sounds wonderful...I love the beach!