Friday, June 29, 2007

Ebay auction

I love these layouts! I have had so much fun making 4th of July layouts this year. I did a really cute one last year too and had thought about remaking a version of it for this year but I have been too dang busy yet to do it. I might get around to it yet!
I have to laugh, I recently had a conversation that ended in a person saying something like this to me, "well you can do it since you don't work." Huhm...I thought before I replied, and I looked at the person and quickly realized there wasn't any way to get them to understand that what I do is work, even though it is work that I love to do, so I let the comment go and nicely declined the offer.
Scrapbooking for other people is work and sometimes it is hard work even though I do it in my scrapbook room. I get emails from other scrappers asking me how I got started and whether it is worth doing. I got started on ebay and still do alot for ebay even though I have private clients now also. To date, I have completed 247 layouts for the year so far, yepper that is alot! Including the time I spend making bears, each layout averages 6-8 hours work. So I think I have been putting in some overtime lately. LOL! And no, not every layout is a new design. I have 12 layout designs that I do most of my layouts from. When scrapping for others, I stick with mats that are 4x6, 4x4, 5x7, and sometimes 3x5 that way it is easier for the purchaser to put their photos on a layout. I use basic layout designs so it is easier to use whatever photos one might take. I have learned alot about doing this in the past 3 years. It is alot of fun and hope to scrapbook for others for years to come.

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