Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Seriously Pink !!

Ok, you know how much I love pink, well, you have to go to this website and check out the photos of this new scrapbook store in Houston, Texas The store is absolutely beautiful! It is too amazing to be a scrapbook store, it is like an elegant boutique or art gallery! I want to go to Houston Texas to just see this scrapbooks store, and walk through it and enjoy the elegance of it...road trip anyone...don't I wish!! Holy cow it is awesome!! I can only dream...

Speaking of dreaming, my scrapbook table/storage is getting closer to being a reality. Dh is almost finished with dd's six wooden 12x12 paper boxes. They are very nicely made out of Aspen wood and big and roomy. I think they will be very functional for her. Once he finishes them we are starting on my storage cubes/shelves that will be the base that holds my scrapbook table top, why waste that space, put it to use I say! Think island kitchen but with space for scrapbooking stuff. I know exactly what I want in my mind, and dh is wonderful at running with my ideas and making them a reality. I think that there are lots of scrappers out there that would love to have a table like this only on a smaller scale than 3 1/2 ft x 10 ft. I can't wait to show it off, but most importantly USE it! LOL! And it will be cheap to build thank goodness.

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Anonymous said...

OK!! Checked out the new scrapping emporium in Houston....Yowsa!!! Probably costs a small fortune for the items but boy is that some place...If I ever get there...yeah right!! cber