Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Little MONSTERS new premade layout on ebay!

My scan of this layout is terrible, I am so computer challenged I have no idea how to fix it! The three gray mats are really the same color, not different shades. The tear bears are similar to last years version, just too cute to change too much. I love the mummy, he is a new design this year. I will be doing a layout with a torn bear riding on a broom like I did 2 years ago but just an updated version of her. I am currently working on a "Pumpkin Patch" layout, just love this time of year, lots of fun ideas.

Well, dh decided today that we really need to replace the carpet in my scrapbook room before putting the new cabinets in. As much as I will love nice clean carpet, I dread, really really dread moving everything out of the room so they can lay the carpet. And pink carpet was shot down real quick...we take the dogs in and out through the French doors in my scrapping room...the dogs have a tendency to track dirt in and pink shows the dirt too much...oh well.

til next time...happy scrapping!


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I agree with dh re: the pink???? carpeting. Absolutely LOVE the little monsters- very very cute!!! Some day perhaps you'll actually get the scrapping room put together and then what will you do??? cber

scrapbooking for others said...

Hey now, I love pink carpet! I would have completely pink house if I could get away with it haha! After this re-do of my scrap room that is going to be it for a long time. All the previous things I have done haven't cost any money, this time I am spending money so I can't change my mind. haha! Do you want to go scrap at Scrap Happy this Friday night? It only costs $5?