Sunday, September 30, 2007

SDU Scrapbook Design and You (formerly called Scrapbook Design University) is coming to Scrap Happy in Bradenton Florida !! Fun Scrapbook Classes !

This sounds like a perfect time to start scrapbooking! SDU scrapbook classes are starting in October at Scrap Happy in Bradenton, FL.

Scrapbook Design & You™ (formerly called Scrapbook Design University® SDU) teaches beginner through advanced scrapbookers the essential scrapbook theories and principles of design. SDU® will dramatically alter the skills of any scrapbooker and make a big difference in your ability to create dynamic scrapbook pages. Program graduates will be able to fully embrace the value and message of our slogan for SDU® Theory - Technique - Foundation - Success™!
At each class you will receive the course materials to be organized in the SDU® binder. This book will become your complete guide to scrapbooking with all the tools and project ideas needed to create any and every scrapbook page.

The curriculum of SDU® starts at the very beginning! In classes one through five, you will learn about the emotional value of scrapbooking along with the basics on how to plan and prepare for a scrapbook project. These theory classes present the foundation for beginners while exposing advanced students to view scrapbooking in a whole new light.
1. Scrapbook BasicsWhat is scrapbooking? Why should I scrapbook? How do I get started? This inspirational class answers all your questions on the hobby of scrapbooking.
2. Tools of the TradeWhich tools are the most important? How are these tools used? The proper use and benefits of craft tools are discussed and demonstrated in depth.
3. JournalingPictures do not tell a thousand words! Don't miss this important class about the profound impact of adding words to a scrapbook page.
4. ColorThe concept of color theory is visually explored in detail. Learning about color's relationship to scrapbooking will empower you to use color in new and exciting ways.
5. Layout DesignLearn the principles of design structure to give you the tools to create dynamic layouts every time. Discover how photographs, journaling, titling, enhancements, lettering, shape and color work together for great pages.
Now that the framework of theory is in place, we can build on our scrapbook structure with a series of dynamic hands-on technique classes. All of the class materials are provided... plus space is allowed in each chapter for project assembly and reference.
6. MattingUnderstand how to frame or enhance a photo with our clever matting techniques. Create up to 7 projects for your binder.
7. StickersLearn the nuances of sticker art - from cutting and trimming to layering or adding dimension. Create over 10 sticker projects in this class.
8. LetteringBecome comfortable with various lettering techniques. This class includes plenty of practice space for letter doodling, which will reveal your own creative style. Have fun practicing with a range of different pen tips.
9. TitlesCreate spectacular titles for amazing page presentations. This class features up to 6 title examples.
10. PunchesUse punches in ways you never imagined... create over a half dozen punch scenes, punched borders and other punch shapes in this class.

Once you have graduated from the SDU® program or have taken the prerequisite courses (Color and Layout Design), you are then eligible to take these advanced classes. The Methods program features classes designed to refine your skills in specific area of interest. At the end of each Methods class, a special collectable pin is provided for you to proudly display!
11. Patterned PaperTake the knowledge you acquired earlier about color theory, and apply it to working with patterned paper. You will learn about the parts that comprise the whole of patterned paper, and will discover how color and pattern work together to create a harmonious scrapbook layout!
12. Embellishment SavvyExplore how embellishments can turn plain designs into one-of-a-kind keepsakes, and can easily transform the mood or meaning of an entire project. Using your acquired knowledge of layout design, you will develop the ability to view a basic layout as a blank canvas for your embellishing creativity!

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