Friday, October 12, 2007

Website with Scrapbook Videos

I came across a fun website today. I watched several of the how-to videos and product reviews made by Christine Arias and I really enjoyed them. I will add this site to my webisodes. On one of the videos she reviewed different white pens and her favorite was the Signo Uni-ball which is my favorite also. I just purchased a new one last night at Scrap Happy, but they were going fast. I also purchased three of the new Stickles colors, Gunmetal, Burgandy and Baby Blue. Before discovering Stickles, I really didn't use glitter. My experiences with it were less than desirable, no matter what technique or adhesive I used to apply the glitter it seemed to always get on the entire book. Stickles does not ever leave the spot you put it on. The glitter is mixed in the liquid in the bottle so once it dries it is permanent. Speaking of which, I need to go glitter some pumpkins pumpkins growing in the field really have flowers ont he vines or is this just a scrapbookers way of making everthing prettier with flowers?

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