Friday, January 11, 2008

December ATC

My ATC swap group is going to disown me if I don't get my December ATC swap to them...I am only about a month late. And now I am late on the January one. The scanned photo of this card isn't very clear but this little guy is really cute. I love the white tear bears! Hopefully, he is worth the wait.
I had fun today shopping with my daughter for art supplies for her class. It is really nice having her home instead of her going to college out of state. It is like having one of your bestest friends live with you. My other bestest friend is in Gainesville and we talk everyday atleast 5 times! LOL!Thank goodness for unlimited long distance!


ScrapyTiff said...

I think it is more like 15 times a day, at least M-F! ;o) wink, wink

scrapbooking for others said...

You are so so right! Yepper, 15 times sounds about right. :-) grin