Monday, March 10, 2008

Heritage Scrapbooking / Heritage Scrapbook Pages / Heritage Scrapbook Layouts

Not exactly traditional Heritage Scrapbook pages...or are they? As I was making these pages, I kept thinking what makes a scrapbook page Heritage? The colors of the paper, the patterns on the paper, buttons, ribbon, or the photos and the stories? I decided that as usual, I am not going to follow the "traditional ways", I am going to do what feels good for me and do it my own way! LOL!

My children's heritage pages will be so different from what I think Heritage scrapbook authors currently consider and write about as being Heritage pages. I will use colors that were popular in the late 70's and early 80's, maybe some hot pink and flourescent orange....huhm...sounds pretty good to me!

I erased the personal info from these layouts, they really look better with all the journaling.

I love these photos! The smiles on their faces say it all, two people so in love, young, happy, and starting their life adventure together and what a life they shared!

I did another version of these photos but can't seem to find the erased copy of them...huhm...what did I do with them?

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Doreen Martinez said...

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Doreen Martinez