Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Accucut's Blog

Accucut has a blog with lots of great ideas! In my local scrapbooking area there are two stores that come to mind when I think about Accucut. The Scrapbook Shoppe in Tampa, Florida and Whimsodoodle in St. Petersburg, Florida. Both have a huge selection of Accucut dies for personal use. These stores have amazing classes and utilize the Accucut system for making mini books, pages and you name it. There may be other stores with Accucut in this area, I am just not aware of them. I dream of owning a GrandMARK with an alphabet that I can cut chipboard...dream on girl. LOL!! I love chipboard and Accucut is the only die cutting system that I am aware of that really cuts chipboard well. I would love to offer my Scrapbooking for Others customers chipboard items for their premade scrapbook pages without having to drive an hour to get to a machine. Bet my dream scrapbook room would become the favorite scrapping spot...

If you are reading this blog and haven't already signed up to receive Accucut's emails, just go to their website www.accucut.com and get signed up. They will tempt you with very good sales and you all know what an enabler I am!! Also go to their blog for all the latest www.accucut.typepad.com .

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