Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday Night Cropping

One would think that since we no longer have a local scrapbook store that I would slow down on spending money on scrapbook supplies...but no...I am still collecting scrapbook supplies. LOL
One of the scrappers in our Friday night group had purchased a paper bundle from Big Lots in Oneco. It was "stankin" cute and I just had to have one. So off we went to Big Lots scrapbook shopping. I just have to laugh, they have a shelf about 6ft long just crammed with various scrapbook items and all together the three of us managed to spend about $75! Can you believe that! The paper bundles were $5 each, ( I took several of them back to our scrapbook group who also wanted one) there were metal Kitty embellies for .25 to $1, and a very nice 14 piece paper collection by American Traditional Designs called Guy's Life Paper Collection for only $2.

And did I use any of this paper last night....uhm, no, I made tear bears instead!

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Anonymous said...

I myself used a couple of sheets but never finished the pages...not adhered or sewn on yet...hopefully on days off...cber