Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Guess what....

UPS delivered my first box of Accucut dies...unfortunately it didn't include the GrandMark to use them with LOL! But it was fun opening the box and showing dh the size of the dies and these weren't even the large dies and watching him look at me like where do you think you are going to put these. Then I told him that whatever he builds me to store these in will need to have space to expand so I can buy more of the dies. He said maybe we should just build a bigger house....huhm....not a bad idea. LOL! Just imagine a house with a combo living, dining, kitchen and two bedrooms, and the rest of the house for a scrapbook room with big windows over looking the pool for natural light and a room for the doggies and kitties....oh and don't forget about a huge air conditioned workshop so dh can keep building stuff for us! LOL

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