Sunday, August 31, 2008


My friend Karen told me about a blog
She is doing a RAK drawing on it September 1, Labor Day.

After reading her last blog entry and all the comments, it made me start thinking about all the things I have purchased and never used. I realized this about a year ago and have drastically reduced buying scrapbook supplies and actually using my stash. I still have a few of my favorites that I must buy, like Dream Street Paper, totally obsessed with that paper and have to have every piece. And I have been known to purchase every new item that Close to My Heart releases...but my daughter is a consultant and shows me how to use all their wonderful products in the layouts she makes which are awesome and stress free. And a button obsession lately... And now I am buying Accucut dies, I don't think as much for myself but for "the scrapbooking for others" that I do. I have quit buying Quickutz, but already own 24 + of their alphabets, plus I have 9 Sizzlet alphabets, 4 Sizzix alphas, and 1 Zipeslim Accucut alpha plus I don't know how many shapes! Other than that, I think my scrapbook supplies are minimal compared to what I see others have.

What I am getting at is this...I wish I had only purchased what I needed for each layout or project. Know what I mean? My daughter is wonderful about doing just that. She takes her photos to the scrapbook store, picks the paper and embellies then scrapbooks all of them before she goes back for more. She has a small supply of CTMH products because she sell them but really doesn't have all the extra stuff that will never be used. Her scrapbook closet is neat and organized and she has her entire room to have friends over to scrapbook in.

Anyway, I guess I am just rambling today...must be the hurricane talk getting the best of me. LOL

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Deborah W said...

Here's something worse! I did as you did, collected tons of scrapbooking supplies; an entire room-full and then I switched to digital!! I'm totally digital now and NEVER use a thing from my stash. Argh! Am contemplating what to do with it all....eBay? RAKs? Donate? Who knows!!! Oh, and I Scrapbook-for-Others, too, just digitally. Fun!!!