Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pre-made Scrapbook Pages for sale

When my sister was visiting we were talking about pre-made scrapbook pages and how the mats rarely fit the size photos that she is scrapbooking. Many of her photos are older and the size is not what is now the standard size of 4"x6" or 4"x5.3" digital prints.

As I have been making pages for her and a few other customers, I have started making layouts where the background is stitched patterned paper but I don't attach any mats that way pretty much any size photos will work on the pages. This is an example of one of those scrapbook layouts. Photos from 3"x3" up to 4"x6" have a place on these pages. I did a sketch last night of another layout that I think will work this way also. Would love any comments from those who purchase premade scrapbook pages.

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