Sunday, October 12, 2008

Embossing Buddy for Heat Embossing

I am stamping and heat embossing with black embossing powder on a layout today and thought I would share this with my blog readers. When I first started heat embossing I would get so aggravated when using dark color embossing powder. I would stamp the image with Versamark and sprinkle the embossing powder on it, tap off the excess and there would always be little specks of powder that wouldn't fall off and weren't part of the image that I wanted to emboss.

Then my DD#1 told me about a really cool product called an Embossing Buddy that is sold at Michael's and I think Stampin Up sells one also. It is a small fabric pouch filled with a non-static powder. You just rub the pouch on the area to be stamped. Then when you sprinkle the dark color embossing powder on the area to be embossed it will prevent the powder from sticking to the area that isn't stamped with your embossing pad. It really makes heat embossing easy and clean looking, no fly away specks of embossing powder.

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Tarynne said...

I think I will have to pick up an embossing buddy. No matter what color powder I use, it sticks.. I was told a dryer sheet would do the same, but it just make it stick even more for me, lol. I love the embossed spider web!