Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pre-made Christmas Scrapbook Pages

I have officially started making Pre-made Christmas Scrapbook pages for 2008! I will be listing most of the Christmas pages for sale in my Etsy shop. But I think I am keeping this set of pages for me...will make another set later for Etsy.
DH worked from home this afternoon, so I had to pretend like I actually do something when he is at work, so these are the scrapbook pages that I made lickety split in about an hour! LOL! I wish the scan was better, these pages are beautiful!
I used my Accucut GrandMark machine and the Flourishes #3 LC die to cut the acid free chipboard that is also made by Accucut and then I cut the red cardstock with the flourish die to perfectly fit the chipboard. I adhered the cardstock to the chipboard with Scrappy Glue. Making flourishes could not be easier.
The red Scallop Mats are also an Accucut die. This mat is very similar to the threading water punch, but this is wayyyyy easier to do, just roll the die and cardstock through the machine and it cuts a 6"x9" mat with all the holes, ready to use.
I really don't care for all the foo foo flowers on layouts, but this paper was screaming for red silk flowers. Since I don't purchase all those adorable expensive bottles of flowers, I decided to check out the flowers in my old craft box. I checked these flowers with my pH pen and they tested as acid free, so I layered the flowers and stitched buttons in the center. Very easy an I got to use some of my really cool buttons!
The only stitching I did on this page was around the mats. And there is a tag for journaling that is removable just in case you don't want to journal that much. I see so many gorgeous pages on line but they are missing a key element in my opinion....journaling!
ooh ooh! gotta run, the baseball game is coming on. Go Rays!!


Anonymous said...

absolutely gorgeous...what more can I say? Good to see you are back at work! Cber

Anonymous said...

Lovely just lovely