Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stacy Julian's Blog List of Creative Women

If you like to read blogs, Stacy Julian has a list of Creative Women on her blog. I am not telling you this because yours truly (me) and my daughter are on this list but there are some really interesting blogs there.

Stacy says on her blog "I am inspired by creative women who take a risk and start a blog or business or any kind of public forum that invites other people--anybody in the world--to appreciate and praise or disagree with and criticize what they do. This takes guts and I like women with guts. "

I decided that what I did 6 years ago took alot of guts on my part. Leaving a very good paying career (that was stressing me beyond belief) and downsizing my life which ultimately was going to affect my family was very gutsy I think. Once dh got over the initial shock that we would have to live within a very tight budget for the first time, he has grown to appreciate that I am not stressed out and going nutso every day. He is very supportive of what I am doing.

Anyway, if you are in need of some blog reading, check out her blog at the link above. Just click on the highlighted area where her name is and it will take you to her blog link with the list.

Happy blog reading....

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