Sunday, May 24, 2009


Every month UHU GLUE gives away samples of their glue for blog readers to try and write a review. Last month I received a sample of their Permanent UHU Glue Roller.
I decided to use it on this 12x12 scrapbook layout to adhere the white background cardstock to this patterned cardstock (it is a heavy weight embossed cardstock, not just thin paper) . I applied the Glue Roller micro dot adhesive around the edge of the patterned cardstock and it held very well to the white background cardstock. Since I stitch on almost all of the scrapbook pages that I make to sell, I need an adhesive that doesn't gunk up the sewing machine needle. So I used a small amount of the adhesive to hold the mats in place and stitched right through the adhesive with no problems. Overall, I am very pleased with this adhesive.

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