Thursday, April 08, 2010

Organization in My Scrapbook Room

DD#1 is waaayyy too good to me! First she drug me out of the house to Wally World in the middle of the day to buy a snazzy label maker. I had an old Dymo label maker, you know the one, you click on the letter and turn the thing to the next letter and about an hour latter you have clicked enough to make a word, I know some of you are too young to even know what I am talking about. But that label maker wasn't good enough, I had to have this fancy smancy one that requires batteries and is electronic. It is really fancy and I can now label everything! Look out scrapbook room!
But this story gets better, DD#1 labeled every one of my Accucut dies on the sides so I could see the names of the dies at a glance. This is only part of my dies, the others wouldn't fit in the photo, but isn't this awesome! For those who have scrapped at my house, you know it has always been sort of a pain finding the die you want to use, but now it is soooo easy! Soon DH will have my shelving made for the alphabets, that is what I am looking forward will make room for more dies on these shelves! Just don't tell him that. My next big purchase is going to be the lower case Accucut Apricot alphabet, click here to see. I have to wait for a 50% off sale again. I was busy buying Quickutz alphabets the last time Accucut had their 50% off sale so I didn't have the money to buy it. I am saving now....Accucut I hope you read this. LOL I really need to request a sample of the 2" and 3", can't decide which I need, I wonder if they would send me a sample...gotta go, DH will be home for lunch soon and I must look busy. LOL

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