Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hallmark Instant Scrapbooks

I read an article today by Dennis Conforto, A-Z Media Group, talking about where is scrapbooking going.  You can read the article in its entirety here.   I googled Hallmark Instant Scrapbooks and am pleasantly surprised by the price, a 12x12 is only $50 and has twenty pages, in other words 10 two page layouts.  Pretty good price I think.  I sure can't make premade scrapbook pages for that price. But it is a nice alternative for the non scrapbooker who still wants the joy of scrapbooking.  And I like the marketing concept of Instant Scrapbooks. humm...I think I have been scrapbooking under a mushroom in my scrapbook room because I honestly did not know that Hallmark sold instant scrapbooks.  Looks like they have been around for several years.
For me it was actually nice to read an article from a CEO that validates what I have been doing for some time now, appealing to the non crafty or too busy scrapbooker by making premade scrapbook layouts.  I have had friends who were surprised that scrapbookers bought premade scrapbook pages, and that some of my clients are scrapbookers themselves but just can't stay caught up because they are too busy with their little ones they want to scrapbook for. 
I have stuck with just making premade layouts, nothing custom or with personal photos. I make the pages and if someone wants to buy them that is great, if a scrapbooker wants to scraplift or copy them, that is great too.  It doesn't matter to me either way.  I get great enjoyment making pages (the designer in me) and I love to make my own embellishments (the crafter in me) and the artist in me is always right there guiding my mind and hands.

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