Friday, April 22, 2011

Accucut Die Storage

 Accucut die storage!! 
When I bought my new Accucut alphabet a few weeks ago from the Clearance sale on their website, I needed more storage space.  So after alot of measuring and calculating, dh and I came up with these shelves that I can pull in and out from under the counter where my Accucut GrandeMARK sits (the bottom of the shelves has sliders so it is easy peasy to pull in and out).  When I am in my room working, I just leave them pulled out for convenience.  So now I have one shelf with my older Accucut alphabets on it and one shelf for shapes and my newest alphabet Believe lowercase and Believe uppercase.  Love the new alphabet and got it at a great price, it was on clearance and then a 25% off coupon, wooop wooop!!
Now I want dh to make my other Accucut die storage out of the pretty wood he made these shelves from...not sure I can convince him to do that, but it sure would look great in my room! 

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