Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Accucut GrandMARK Challenge

Have you heard about the Accucut GrandMARK challenge and giveaway!! I have been working on my submission(s) and hopefully will get something finished before the deadline.  I would love to win one of the shopping sprees, I know what dies I would get. 
Last week Accucut had a three day 50% off  sale and sadly I missed out.  I had just ordered a new alphabet from their clearance section the week before and just didn't have it in my budget to spend any more money this month, I had the dies in my shopping cart but just couldn't push the submit button. LOL  Last year my friend fell in love with my GrandMARK and then bought herself one, so she took advantage of the sale.  Wish we lived close enough to share dies...or I had a bigger Accucut budget. I think it is an addiction...LOL
If anyone reading is interested in buying a GrandMARK, they are $200 off until May 1st.  Well worth the money! Go to their website for more information http://www.accucutcraft.com/ for more details.

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