Sunday, May 15, 2011

Creative Spaces My Dream Scrapbook Room

Creative Spaces / Craft Studio / My Dream Scrapbook Room / Cool Crafting Space  is all reorganized with the new armoire for storage. 
edited:  my cool creative space is organized and still clean 10 days later...I have made three two page layouts, and two projects and it still looks just like this photo!!  So happy!!
When I have friends coming over to scrapbook, I move the blue chair out and put up two 6 foot folding tables for them.  You can't see in this photo but in the right lower corner in front of a window, I moved my desk with the sewing machine on it. I can't believe how clean and organized it is!  Now it is time to scrapbook and mess it all up! LOL
I love the blue chair and ottoman.  I call it my creating chair, it is sooo comfortable and gently rocks so I can sit there and think...sometimes you will find me with a piece of 24 inch cardboard on the ottoman working on a layout, the ottoman makes a great working table. LOL

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phamil said...

LOVE your room, must be so cool to be able to create there!!!