Thursday, June 02, 2011

Headband Made from Knee Highs

This headband is made from a sheer queen size knee high.  I purchased a package with three pairs for only one dollar at the Dollar General store.  So for a dollar I can make six headbands.  I haven't tried this on a baby but is looks like it would fit great and I stretched it big enough to fit my own head and wore it all afternoon, very comfy!

Start by cutting off all but one half inch from the darker part of the top of the knee high. Cut the toe off just above the stitching.

Fold in one half inch of the top.  This will keep the raw edge inside the knee high.

Bring the toe around to the folded top, tuck it inside and flatten so you can sew them together.

Stitch the ends together making sure the needle goes through all thicknesses, look on the back side to see where your stitches are going.

Pull the stitches to gather the knee high, then run the needle back through the gathered area to make it a little more secure, knot and cut the thread off.

I used a Versa-Tool with the tapered point on a glass cutting board to cut the ribbon and heat seal the edges at the same time.  The ribbon is about one and three-quarters inches long.  Be very careful with the Versa-Tool, it gets very hot!

In the middle of the ribbon add some liquid fabric glue and place it on the underneath side of the knee high near the stitched area.  Let dry completely.

After the ribbon is completely dry, bring the ends together and hand stitch together forming a loop.  Be careful not to stitch the ribbon to the knee high. See the photo with the scissors going through the loop.  This loop of ribbon is where you add adorable flowers that have been attached to hair clips.  Great for little ones, who don't have enough hair to hold a clip in.  One headband for all those adorable clippies!

Or you could skip the ribbon loop and just stitch your flower directly to the headband and make multiple headbands for all your different designs and color flowers.

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