Saturday, February 03, 2007

Valentine's Day Layouts on ebay

Aren't these just the sweetest bears, and so pink! I will be making a Valentine layout with red and black hopefully this weekend to list on ebay. I really love Valentine's day layouts but must honestly say that I can't think of one single Valentine photo that I have! Not a day that I usually photograph I guess.
My DD is home from college this weekend. I am doing the happy dance. She was so tired when she got here, drove 7 hours all by herself. But today is her BF birthday and she had to make him a cake, it is PINK! He thinks it is great, cause he likes the strawberry frosting. Gotta love her!
I am getting excited about March's Twelve Months of Christmas class. It is going to be a fun and challenging class. Can't say what it is yet....but will post photos in a couple of weeks.

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