Sunday, October 14, 2007

huhm...would love to hear from anyone reading this...

I was just on one of the scrapbook message boards and a question came up about whether scrapbooking is becoming less popular, has it reached it's peak? The person stated her concerns based on the recent closing of big companies and cited Chatterbox and Li'l Davis and the problems recently with CK (which I don't know anything about) and so many LSS closings.

As I read through all of the replies, it made me think about it too. First of all, I certainly hope not! I know how much I love scrapbooking and paper crafting and there are plenty of people in the world who feel the same way I do. But, I am guilty of what I think alot of people may do, buy, buy, buy and then never use the paper or products. I have a huge stash of paper and products as one can see by looking through my scrapbook room photos. I don't think I could ever use all the stash I have! For the past two years Close to My Heart ( CTMH ) has become a new love of mine. Several times a year CTMH releases a new catalog and new products. I have purchased almost every new item that they have released...paper, acrylic stamps, ribbon, chipboard, you name it and I have probably bought it. I buy these products for my personal scrapbook pages. I do use some CTMH products for my scrapbooking for others pre-made pages but not much. Oh, and let's not forget when I purchased every piece of Dream Street Paper back in February. I think it was around 140 sheets of paper. It is beautiful but will I ever use it all? Probably not, but it brings me so much pleasure when I do use it for a layout. In my opinion that was $100 or so well spent! My husband and I can spend almost that much going out for the night between gas, food, entertainment, tips, and keeping nice clothes on hand to wear (I only need jeans and t-shirts to go scrapping), and no offense to my dh, but that paper continues to bring me pleasure everytime I use it, unlike the movie we saw and the restaurant we went to or those dang stuffy clothes that I have to wear with him in public! LOL!

And, I will be the first to say, "if it comes in pink I will more than likely buy it". But I say that about anything, if I can purchase it in pink I will pay extra or drive further to get it. I love pink, I have had a passion for pink my entire life as my family will tell you, especially my sweet, loving husband who has put up with my pink passion for atleast 21 years now. My house is white with pink trim and has been for 17 years. But when it comes to scrapbook supplies, I am even more obsessed with pink. I see "it" in pink and have to have "it" even though I already have a perfectly good "it" in blue or silver! LOL!

So my thoughts are that maybe the obsession to have it all has slowed down some as more and more products are released by way too many companies for this scrapper to keep up with. With the exception of pink and CTMH, I am much more picky about buying new products and do purchase fewer of the new items. I love my old Sizzix, Sizzlets and 2x2 Quickutz shapes and alphas. I like alot of the new Quickutz shapes and alphas but can't justify buying them when I have one almost like it that was made by Sizzix years ago or a smaller 2x2 Quickutz version of the same alpha.

I think if I had a do-over in scrapbooking though, it would be to only purchase supplies from my LSS for the photos I have in my hand that I want to scrapbook today. And to go to a crop every Friday night and just scrapbook and have fun.

So just thoughts, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Well, you already know my thoughts on this subject but I do agree that the mania is passing and maybe it will be just us "old timers" and fewer suppliers...which is maybe how it should be...too many cooks and so forth...just looked at the album of the scraproom and can't WAIT to see it in person...cber

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, something to think about. I know my scrapbooking store has expanded in floor space and inventory. It's a dual business where they don't depend on the scrapbooking side to pay all their bills.
Most stores can't hold the inventory that is available out there. I know of a few stores who have expanded to two stores which is usually is a big mistake. They are spreading themselves too thin along with their inventory. Usually within a year they are closing both doors. Being a compulsive buyer I know what you mean about never using some of the paper I have purchased. You know maybe more people are doing weekly crops and buying only what they need for the photos they brought with them.

Anonymous said...

I don't think scrapbooking is going to be a lost art, I have met so many people who scrapbook. I also buy everything pink and esp pink and brown which I love. I am having a harder time finding the time or someone to babysit for a few hours so I can go. I do think I did more pages when I did my pages simple and did not have many tools, gizmos and gagets but I don't like those pages as much as the ones which take me 2-4 hours to complete sometimes. As far a store closings, my local store I do not enjoy the owner she is not very outgoing or helpful so I have stopped going to her crops.